State of Bean – we think our name says it all!

Taking ‘you are what you eat’ a step further, your ‘state of bean’ comes from knowing your choices as a consumer make a positive impact – on your well-being, on the environment and on the people who produce what you buy.

State of Bean customers love fine coffee and they care about how it is grown.

They want coffee which doesn’t harm the planet and they want the people who grow and harvest it to be treated fairly. And they know they don’t have to sacrifice on flavour.

Our customers have a ‘state of bean’!

State of Bean – Roasters of Fine Ethical Coffee

Our aim is to offer only organic and fairly traded beans.

Where it’s not possible to source to the standard of Fairtrade  certification (see FAQs  for more info), we choose beans that as far as possible ensure workers are treated fairly and chemicals are not used at all or at least to a limited extent. Our Brazil blend (certified by the Rainforest Alliance) falls into this category.

Either way, you can be assured that State of Bean only offers ethical fine coffee.

Michael & Clare
State of Bean