Why organic?

Our aim to for all our products to be certified organic.

Organic beans are not treated with chemicals during growing either from artificial fertilizers or pesticides. In non-organic farming, the residue from these chemicals enters the environment (soil and water) where the coffee is grown.

We strongly believe our business plays a role in the stewardship of our planet and choosing organic not chemically grown produce protects the soil and water quality of the places where coffee is grown, and reduces our dependence on oil-based products. We believe the people who grow and harvest the beans should not be exposed to unnecessary chemicals which may harm their health and that of the environment which also produces their food.

While we endeavour to make sure that the beans we buy are certified organic, State of Bean isn’t yet certified so we cannot use the logos of the various certification bodies on our products. We are working towards certification however it is not something that is simple for a micro-roaster such as ourselves so it may be a while before we achieve this. Rest assured however that we make every endeavour to maintain the quality and integrity of all the beans we roast.

We believe that fine coffee does not have to cost the earth!